Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Release your inner cave-person....

On occasion, I'll post a suggestion, a challenge if you will, here, to release your "inner cave-person". I will provide a suggestion for an exercise or activity and hope that anyone who's tried it will report back and share about their experiences. These activities or suggestions will range from the relatively mundane to less mundane, but will not put anyone at risk of injury, arrest (I don't think), or excommunication from society or your favorite places.

This week's "Release your cave-person" challenge: avoid using hand sanitizer. That is unless you work, say in a hospital or place that serves food or something like that. Hand sanitizer kills the bacteria on our hands and while a lot of the bacteria we have on us might be bad, most of it's good. By killing off 99.9% of your cutaneous bacteria you might actually be reducing the efficacy of your immune system. Give it a try, i don't think you'll die trying it.

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