Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Post-fast feast

Not all hunts end in a feast, so today I tried a post-WOD fast. I ate breakfast at a little before 7am, worked out at about 9:45/10am, then did not have my next meal until about 10pm. Generally i felt great all day long. I was quite amazed that i did not cave and bail on the fast, but after a few hours i just settled in. In fact, i started to feel as good as i did on a regular fast.

Then at night, after my last class i wasted. I had a taco-less salad, essentially taco flavored beef on top of a large salad of mixed greens, a few tomatoes, a little sliced green pepper, and olives. Oh it also had avocado on it too. Then for dessert i had a protein smoothie with a few walnuts tossed in. On a whole this day was very ketogenic, the only carbs I've had all day were from that salad - estimated at about 10, maybe 20 grams (max) net carbs and the few grams of carbs in my protein mix, which equates to about 10 max carbs, so for the whole day, i had probably more than 30 carbs, loads of protein and some good fat.

Feeling very good now that i've feasted.

Next morning, early because I woke up, and because i. Couldn't sleep anymore. This was partly because my cat was run ing around and meowing, annoying, and partly because the del ayes not muscle soreness is amazing robust today. I had a hard WOD yesterday, which was followed by a long fast, ouch. I am really feeling it today. It has reemphasized the importance of postWOD nutrition and eating fret a big workout. But, i guess that the pain, the punishment associated with not "getting the hunt"...


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