Sunday, January 31, 2010

GGC Fit 2: WOD Day 2

WOD day 2 involves a series of crawls and walks that appear easy at first, but after 1 round you should fee quite tired.

Here's a way of scaling it so that you can complete the WOD, without dying.

Bear crawls and crab crawls are easy peezy. But many people have problems with their wrists, elbows, and shoulders while executing them. If you do as well, then scale it; that is make it easier. You can do this by breaking up the 100 meters into 5 sets of 20 meters, 10 sets of 10 meters, etc. Stopping is not weakness, it's smart if it helps you complete the WOD. The goal is to complete the WOD as fast as you can without dying, right?

Waiter lunges are a little more tricky. They entail a lockout of the arm at the shoulder. There are a few ways of doing this safely and the most important is locking the elbow. If you allow the elbow to stay bent you are putting a lot of pressure on that joint that it typically does not get and it will be sore the next day. So lock it out. And at the should you can rotate your shoulder up, like when you flex your lats (back muscles). This will give you the needed strength to hold the extension. When you are tired: Stop. Do not injure yourself. In between rounds stop and breathe. You should be trying to get your heart rate, metcon up, but you don't want your heart to explode. Just sayin'

Now go have fun!

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  1. So do you recommend doing the bear and crab crawls half forward and half backward? Or just do all of them forward?